Ninja BL830 vs Ninja BL810 Review : Ninja Ultima Blender Plus

Ninja BL830 and Ninja Bl810 are the Ninja Ultima Blender Plus series that are recently released in 2013 by Ninja Kitchen. We all know that Ninja Kitchen is one of the great kitchen equipment manufactures. Except BL810 and BL830, certainly there are other series of Ninja Ultima blender those are Ninja BL800, BL820 and BL830CB. So what are the features that offered by them and what are their differences? At this chance I will write about Ninja BL830 Review and Ninja BL810 Review below, so if you want to know more about these Ninja Ultima Blenders, you can read my review below, who knows one of them is suitable with your criteria in searching the best blender for your kitchen. You need to know, before I write this review, previously I have decided to search the merchants that sell these blenders with the lower price than the others. So if you want to buy one of them, I hope this can help you to save your valuable time to search the merchant that sell them.

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Ninja BL830 Review : Ninja Ultima Blender Plus with Dual Stage Blending Technology

Ninja BL830 Review

Ninja BL830 comes with Dual Stage Blending Technology that allows you to blend widely varieties ingredients with maximum result. To crush ingredients such as vegetables, fruits, ice, and seeds, this Ninja Ultima Blender is equipped with Total Crushing Blade with speed 5000 RPM while the bottom, it is equipped with High Speed Cyclonic Blades that liquefy the ingredients into smoothies juice with rotational speed 2400 RPM. And for rotating two sets of blades, this blender is powered by 1500 watt powerful motor with a patented gear system. Additionally to get the maximum nutrient juice, Ninja BL830 Ultima Blender Plus provides 10 variable speed dial that you can adjust appropriate with your recipes need. It is very versatile blender. By combining speed, power and dual stage blending technology, it allows you to create wide range of nutrient juice recipes and so much more.

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Ninja BL810 Review : Ninja Ultima Blender Plus with 72 Oz Jar Capacity

Ninja BL810 Review

Ninja BL810 carries the same technology of BL830. There are no specific differences in their technology. Like as BL830, Ninja BL810 also has 72 Oz of pitcher capacity and 16 Oz of single serve capacity. The differences between them are the number of their single serve cup and the number of their Sip and Seal Lids. Ninja BL810 is equipped with 2 single server cups and 2 sip and seal lids while BL830 is equipped with 3 single server cup and 3 sip and seal lids.

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Ninja BL830 vs Ninja BL810 Specification

Specification Ninja BL810 Ninja BL830
Wattage 1500 Watt / 2.5 peak horsepower 1500 Watt / 2.5 peak horsepower
Speed 10 variable speed 10 variable speed
Pitcher Capacity 72 oz 72 oz
16 oz single serve Cups 2 3
Sip and Seal Lid 2 3
Price Please click here Please click here

Ninja BL830 and Ninja BL810 Review by real user

What are the people who have purchased Ninja BL810 or Ninja BL830 talking about their performance? You need to know, according to their customers at some merchants that sell these Ninja Ultima Blender, most of them are very satisfied with the performance of each of them.  At these merchants, each of them gets high average rating that is given by the numbers of people who have written about Ninja BL810 Review or Ninja BL830 Review. Not only that, there are many positive feedbacks on the internet about these Ninja Blenders. So if you are searching a powerful and high speed blender for your kitchen, you should consider one of them as your choice. For more convincing about each of their performance or if you want to read more what are the people talking about their performance, please click here to read Ninja BL830 Review or click here to read Ninja BL810 Review from the people who have purchased and used these Ninja Ultima Blender Plus.

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