Ninja BL770 vs Ninja BL771 Review : Mega Blender with Single Serve

Ninja BL771 is new Mega Blender with Single Server that is manufactured by Ninja. Except BL771 it also has releases Ninja BL770. If viewed from their series they are similar, but actually they are different.  So what are their differences?  On this opportunity, I will write a Ninja BL771 Review and Ninja BL770 Review to help you to compare them. Ninja BL771 has a price more expensive than BL770, so this mega blender should have advantages than Ninja BL770. But the questions, is their difference price comparable with their features? You will soon know about this. And if you want to get one of them with the low price, previously I have decided to search the best place that offers you with the lower price than other site. And I think the respective price of them is relative affordable.

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Ninja BL770 Review

Ninja BL770 Review

Ninja is one of the manufactures that produce kitchen tools with low price, but that doesn’t mean that their products have a poor performance. One of their products is Ninja BL770. This mega blender is supported by a strong and powerful 1500 watts/ 2 horsepower motor that its performance is very stable. BL770 use pitcher capacity 72oZ and its bowl have capacities 64oZ. This blender can use with single serve with 16oZ cups. Ninja BL770 offers professional caliber execution in the areas of Food Processing, Juicing, Dough Mixing and Frozen Blending. To select its function, you just press the touch panels. If you want to mixing dough, you just press the button no 1, and if you want to blend, you just press the button no 2, or if you want to crush the ice, you just press the button number 3.  It also flexible to use, you want to make it to prepare items for your families or just for you. With this blender, you will easy and faster to prepare the foods for your families with attention to health.

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Ninja BL771 Review

Ninja BL771 review

Not far different with BL770, Ninja BL771 comes with the features that BL770 also has. But with its price that is more expensive than BL770, BL771 should have some advantages than BL770. Certainly it is very difficult to distinguish between BL771 and BL770. They are the same supported by powerful 1500 rpm motor. Their pitcher, bowl and single cup server capacities also the same. Until now, I not yet find the differences between them, except about their price. I will update this post if I have found their differences.

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Ninja BL770 Review from end user

According to people who have written about Ninja BL770 Review at some merchants that sell this blender, most of them are very satisfied with its performance.  So, that is not wrong if you want to try this blender. To read Ninja BL770 review from them, please click here.

Ninja BL771 Review from end user

As well as its brother, according to people who have written about Ninja BL771 Review, most of them also very satisfied with its performance. If you want to read about Ninja BL771 review from them, please click here

So, which is the better? This is relative and according to your nice. Both of them are a high performance and multi use kitchen system. I only write reviews about them, and the decision is in your hand.

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