Keurig K45 vs Keurig K65 review : What are their differences?

We all know that Keurig is one of the Coffee maker manufactures which their product’s performance is undoubtedly. On this occasion I will write a comparison between Keurig K45 Elite and Keurig K65 Special Edition, two of their newest single server brewers. What are their differences and which should you buy? To know a lot about their features, you can read my writing about Keurig K45 or Keurig K65 Review below, who knows one of them is appropriate with your criteria in searching the best single serve brewer for your kitchen. And if you are interest and want to buy one of them, you need to know that previously I have decided to do some search to find the best store and offers you with the lower price than the others, so you don’t find need to waste your valuable time to search again this place.

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Keurig K45 review : The Elite Single Cup home Brewing System with 48 oz Removable Water Reservoir

Keurig K45 Review

Keurig K45 elite brewing system is released to meet the people need in high performance single cup brewing system. It features a patented Keurig Quite Brew Technology that allows you to brew with less noise, so if you want to brew hot beverage in the night, you don’t need to worry which your family will be awakened from their sleep. With 1500 watts powerful motor, Keurig K45 is perfect for using to brews a cup of tea, coffee, iced beverage or hot cocoa just under in minute. It also designed easy to use, you just need touch one button and then let the machine finish the next.  Keurig K45 provides you with 48 oz removable water reservoir and 3 cups size options, 6 oz, 8 oz, and 10 oz. You can select one of them appropriate with your need.

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Keurig K45 also available with including some bonuses

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Keurig K65 Review : The Special Edition Single Cup Brewing System with 60 oz Water Reservoir

Keurig K65 Review

One lever above K45 series, Keurig K65 special edition brewing system comes with removable water reservoir that has more capacity that is 60 oz. Its panel is equipped with blue backlight LCD display that allows you to set the digital clock, program water temperature and auto on off. If for operating, K45 is full automatic and the parameter is default while Keurig K65 is programmable, so you can set the water temperature or other parameters appropriate with your needs.

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Comparison table between Keurig K45 vs Keurig K65


Keurig K45

Keurig K65

Operation Automatic Programmable
Indicator LED Blu Backlight LCD
Water Reservoir capacity 48 oz 60 oz
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 Note: on the table above only the differences between Keurig K45 and Keurig K65

Keurig K45 and Keurig K65 Review by End User

What are the people talking about one of them? You need to know that most people who have purchased Keurig K45 r Keurig K65 are very satisfied with their performance.  We can conclude from each of their high average rating that given by people who have written about Keurig K45 Review or Keurig K65 Review at some merchants thst sell thes Keurig Coffee Makers. So if you want to buy the best single brewer system, you should consider one of them. Which is the better? With more features and capacity, surely K65 is more superior to K45, but for getting it you must spend more money.  So all up to you and appropriate with your need. If you want to read directly what do the people talk about them, please click here to read Keurig K45 Review or click here to read Keurig K65 Review from the people who have purchased on of these Keurig Brewer System.

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